Come and experience the Battle for Arnhem in this attractive and contemporary museum. In the Airborne Experience you will follow in the footsteps of British paras and set off towards Arnhem in September 1944. You will also meet cheering civilians who suffered under the German occupation for four long years. However, the bridge near Arnhem will prove to be ‘A bridge too far’.

Battle for Arnhem
The Battle for Arnhem, an important episode in Dutch history, has had an huge impact on the further course of events during World War II and the formation of present-day Europe, giving the history of the Airborne Museum a prominent place in Dutch cultural heritage. In Villa Hartenstein the accounts of both British, Polish and German troops come to life, but civilians play an major part too; they experienced mortal fear. The museum displays a large collection of original weapons, documents, films and photos. It’s all about listening, looking and experiencing!

The Airborne Experience
The Airborne Experience is a unique addition to the multi-faceted museum collection. Here you will imagine yourself to be in the heat of the battle. In this subterranean room the Battle for Arnhem will prove to be a probing experience, one that left many visitors speechless. The Experience has been awarded the Gouden Reiger, thé Dutch award for excellent communication projects using audiovisual and interactive media.
All senses are on edge! It’s a little dark and the penetrating sounds all evoke feelings of unease. The realistic reconstructions and life-size film fragments bring history to life while you’re walking through the consecutive events of the Battle for Arnhem. You will follow in the footsteps of a British para, receive a briefing about the mission and get inside the body of a glider. Through the windows you will see the take-off in England and the flight towards the occupied Netherlands. Suddenly you’ll be caught in heavy combat in the streets of Arnhem. You’ll wander through the impressive war set with replica homes and ominous light/darkness effects, accompanied by the sounds of the dividing war: shots, impacts, English cries, German orders, scared people in hiding. You’ll get close to the Arnhem bridge and follow the pull-out around Hotel Hartenstein. Eventually you’ll retreat across the Rhine…

The museum is open all year. There is a Tom & Katja family route especially for families. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.