De Bastei tells the story of the river. Dive into the museum and take a trip through the past, the present and the future. Here, on the River Waal and in the oldest city in the Netherlands, you can touch the past, discover the flora and fauna of the province of Gelderland’s river landscape and get ‘hands on’ in De Bastei Academy: fun and educational for researchers of all ages. Discover how the river connects the city and its natural surroundings.

De Bastei forms an attractive gateway between the city and its natural surroundings. A variety of walking and cycling routes are available in our shop and at the tourist information office (VVV), and you can step out of the museum right into the Gelderse Poort nature reserve. Our staff can tell you what there is to do in the area and they will suggest the cultural highlights and special places waiting to be discovered in the surrounding area.
You can also relax on the patio of De Bastei’s café and restaurant where you have a wonderful view of the river.

As is appropriate for the oldest city in the Netherlands, the busiest river in Europe and the rich natural countryside of the Gelderse Poort region, De Bastei forms a bridge between history and contemporary issues.

Its location on the banks of the River Waal is ideal for this: the history of the river goes back to the creation of the landscape and the earliest history of the city. Our natural history collection with over 100,000 objects has grown to become the most important one in the region. The distant past suddenly becomes tangible when you hold a millions-of-years-old fossil in your hands. And our archaeological finds provide a unique opportunity for getting to know the relationship the city has had with the river from time immemorial. Wander around the city’s historic streets and touch Nijmegen’s past!

The rivers exert an enormous influence on life in the Netherlands now too, and will continue to do so in the future. That is why De Bastei challenges visitors to contribute their ideas for a sustainable future for the river landscape.