At the Dolfinarium you discover the wonderful water world from very close by

The gates open and the nerves roar through your body: your dream of meeting a dolphin is finally becoming reality! And dolphins are not the only animals you will find in the Dolfinarium. Walruses, sea lions, sharks and rays are also present. And what about the seals and porpoises? Wow!

Experience the new, impressive dolphin presentation ‘Oceanica’

Dive deep with us to the seabed… , because Oceanica is waiting for you there! Learn more about dolphins and their congeners in nature and become aware of all their threats. Together we protect the ocean. Will you join us?

A full day of fun

Enjoy eight beautiful performances and four cool playgrounds with family and friends. And with good weather, sliding of the waterslides of the water attraction ‘Waterpret’: the splashing water attraction where young and old water rats feel like a fish in the water. A day at the Dolfinarium is a whole, long day full of fun!

Dolfinarium. Discover. Experience. Protect.