The Big Chruch or The Eusebius in Arnhem has dominated the skyline of the city of Arnhem for more than five centuries now and tells the history of the capital of the province of Gelderland from the Middle Ages until the Second World War and the post-war reconstruction. The Eusebius Church is both historical and contemporary and is frequently used for various activities and events.

Get fascinated by the history of The Eusebius Church. Discover the historical objects, the famous Strumphler-organ in the beautiful Church Hall and return to the year 1000 in the crypts. The unique panoramic elevator takes you past one of Europe’s largest and heaviest carillons up to 73 meters high, where you can enjoy a panoramic view over Arnhem and its surroundings. The Eusebius Church regularly organizes (temporary) exhibitions on the history of The Eusebius Church and the Battle of Arnhem.

The construction of The Eusebius Church took more than 100 years. Throughout the centuries, the church has been restored several times. In September 1944, during the Battle of Arnhem, tower and church were severely damaged and later on restored and (partially) rebuilt. Its authentic Gothic character has largely been preserved

The Eusebius Church has been restored since 2011. Restoration is required due to the bad condition of natural stone which is used for amongst others the ornaments and the ‘covering’ of the tower. Besides, the application of this natural stone, to the core of the tower, requires renovation.