Be bold and venture a world tour in Burgers’ Zoo! The zoo where you are one with nature. Are you ready for an adventurous expedition? After all, you will travel through the most diverse natural habitats in the world! Not only will you travel through the tropical rainforest, the rocky deserts of Arizona and the savannah of East Africa, but you will also experience the tropical coral reef and the Southeast-Asian jungle.

You stroll between the trees in a park-like hilly landscape and meet all sorts of animal species that are considered to be the public’s favourites. You would not want to miss the Asian elephants, panthers, penguins, flamingos or meerkats,
would you? A visit to the gorilla group with its playful youngsters and the adjacent chimpanzee colony is definitely recommended.


Via a wooden walking bridge you will discover the characteristic ‘wildlife’ of East-Africa’s savannah: square-lipped rhinoceroses, giraffes, zebras and antelopes. All kinds of herbivores in this ecosystem have their own strategies to find enough food. Cheetahs and lions call the Safari their home too, but in their own enclosures! You can watch these impressive predators through large glass panels in the observation huts. 


Your journey has brought you to the rocky desert of Arizona. Depending on the season it can be either burning hot or icy cold. You will come across a huge variety of flora and fauna in a surprisingly versatile landscape. For example, this desert is
the natural habitat of bighorn sheep, peccaries, bobcats, turkey vultures and rattle snakes. The collection of animal and plant species in the Desert is unique in zoos!

In the humid heat you travel through the mangrove, a tropical ecosystem in the coastal area between land and sea. Where the
ocean waters flood the muddy coast during high tide, a special adaptation of plants and animals to survive in brackish water has developed. Between freakish mangrove trees you will discover all kinds of birds and reptiles.

In the Rimba you can meet with animals from the forest areas of South-East Asia. This region is known for its exceptional riches of animal species, such as tigers, gibbons, pythons and bears. However, you will also come eye to eye with gorgeous species of deer, cattle and lizards. In many cases multiple species live together in one area.

At the Bush you experience the colourful world of the tropical rainforest. The humid and hot temperature, dense plant growth, smells and sounds will make you blink your eyes. Soon you will notice that all around you animals live in total
freedom! Like a true explorer you will unravel the secrets of this world and with a little luck you will even spot
manatees, aardvarks, capybaras, birds, iguanas and kalongs.

Let’s dive! In an imaginary wetsuit you leave a tropical beach and start exploring the lagoon. Hundreds of colourful fish greet you. A little deeper you will come across a giant live coral reef. Suddenly you look into the depth of the immense ocean
in which sharks disappear as fast as they appear again! Once at the cliffs the eagle rays and stingrays gracefully glide through the water just above your head.