Cycle over the Beekhuizerzand sand-drift dunes, through woodland and heathland towards Vierhouten. Hotel De Vossenberg houses the mini museum ‘Het Verscholen Dorp’ (The Hidden Village), including a display of artefacts and photos of the village where people went into hiding during the Second World War. You can see the reconstructed hut a little further along the route.

Follow the route through Elspeet and stop off in what is (unbeknown to many) the Netherlands’ smallest town: Staverden, which was awarded a town charter in 1291. Count Reinoud van Gelre had plans to develop it into a town, but he never got beyond constructing a castle with a few outbuildings. The splendid country estate is definitely worth exploring.

Start and finish: Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp, Boslaan 2 in Harderwijk (close to intersection 48)

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Route information

Start: Vuurkuilweg 15 in Hulshorst
Finish: Vuurkuilweg 15 in Hulshorst
Bicycle junction route