The perimeter walk largely follows the frontline of the Allied bridgehead in September 1944.

More than 11,000 men were involved in the British and Polish airborne landings on 17 September at Wolfheze, Renkum, Ede and Driel. These men were soon confronted with heavy German resistance, which increased in strength and intensity every day. As a result, the British lost the initiative.

After heavy fighting on 18 and 19 September and failing to reach the cut-off villages held by Lieutenant-Colonel John D. Frost at the bridge in Arnhem, the remnants of the 1st Airborne Division retreated to Oosterbeek on 20 September where the so-called perimeter was set up as a defensive plan. A day later, Frost’s troops had to withdraw to Oosterbeek due to lack of supplies and heavy losses—half of the troops were killed or wounded.

Note! For the whole story of the perimeter, you can also walk the southern part of the route.

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Route information

Start: in Oosterbeek
Finish: in Oosterbeek
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