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The Second World War left indelible marks on Gelderland. Visit cities that were badly damaged, places where people made a difference, or visit one of the many museums to learn about stories from during the war.


109 interesting places

The Liberation monument

The Liberation monument in Overasselt commemorates the city’s liberation on 17 September 1944 by the American 325th Gliders, the 504th Para Infantry Regiment and a battalion of Major General Sosabowski’s 1st Polish Army.

Airborne Cemetery

At the Airborne Cemetery in Oosterbeek, there are 1770 war graves of British soldiers who died on Dutch soil between September 1944 and April 1945 in the fight against the occupying forces. Most of them died during the Battle of Arnhem.

The Canadian War Cemetery

The Canadian War Cemetery in Groesbeek commemorates the 2,617 Commonwealth servicemen buried here.

Canadese Tank op de Langenberg

The Canadian Tank on the Langenberg hill in Ede commemorates the liberation of the city on 17 April 1945 by the Calgary Regiment of the First Canadian Tank Brigade, which was part of the British Polar Bear Division.

Collectie Oldebroek 40-45 en omstreken

The collection ‘Oldebroek 40-45 en omstreken is dedicated to the collection, or loan, of items from the period between 1940-1945.

Collectie ‘40-‘45

The ‘Collectie '40-'45’ foundation is a collection of objects mostly from the Netherlands and specifically from the Veluwe that remained after the war.

De Casteelse Poort

Historisch Museum De Casteelse Poort is housed in a villa that stands on the site of an old castle. Remains of the castle’s gatehouse can be seen in the cellar.

‘De Levenspoort’

The ‘De Levenspoort’ monument in Wageningen commemorates 71 Jewish civilians from Wageningen and surroundings who were killed by occupying forces during the Second World War.

The Incredible Patrol

The ‘De Ongelooflijke Patrouille’ monument in Elst commemorates six American soldiers who crossed the Rhine at Heteren in two canvas boats on the night of 29 October 1944.

The ‘De Oversteek’ monument

The ‘De Oversteek’ monument is a remembrance of the Battle of Nijmegen in September 1944, when 48 American Soldiers were killed.

The ‘De Roeier’ monument

The ‘De Roeier’ monument in Zennwijnen commemorates the resistance fighter Leendert Papo and other resistance fighters who, after Operation Market Garden in September 1944, rowed allied pilots across the Waal to the liberated territory.

The Dorset monument

The Dorset monument in Oosterbeek commemorates the actions of the 4th Battalion of the Dorset Regiment during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

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