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The Second World War left indelible marks on Gelderland. Visit cities that were badly damaged, places where people made a difference, or visit one of the many museums to learn about stories from during the war.


109 interesting places

The Wild Farm Monument

The ‘De Woeste Hoeve’ monument in Beekbergen was erected in remembrance of 117 people, including many resistance fighters, who were shot by the German occupier on 8 March 1945.

The Apeldoornsche Bosch Monument

The memorial wall in the Apeldoornsche Bosch commemorates the approximately 1,300 patients and staff members of the Jewish psychiatric institution Het Apeldoornsche Bosch who were deported to camp Westerbork on 22 January 1943.

Monument in the Burgemeester Lodderstraat

The monument in the Burgemeester Lodderstraat commemorates the units of the Belgian 1st Brigade and the American 101st Airborne Division that died during the liberation of Opheusden and surroundings in April 1945.

Monument in the Eusebius Church

The sculpture group of nineteen paratroopers in Arnhem recalls the military operation Market Garden in 1944.

Monument in the Open Air Museum

The monument in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem commemorates approximately six hundred Arnhem evacuees who stayed in the museum from the end of September 1944 until January 1945.

Japanese Women’s Camps Monument

The Japanese Women’s Camp Monument at the Bronbeek Estate in Arnhem is a reminder of the nearly 100,000 Dutch women who were imprisoned in Japanese internment camps in the Dutch East Indies in the period 1941-1945.

Boy’s Camps Monument

The Boy’s Camps Monument at the Bronbeek Estate in Arnhem was erected in memory of all the boys who lost their lives in the Japanese internment camps in the former Dutch East Indies between 1942 and 1945.

Wreath of Remembrance Monument

The memorial stone Wreath of Remembrance in Arnhem commemorates the Battle of the Geitenkamp neighbourhood that took place during the liberation of Arnhem on 12 and 13 April 1945.

The monument for killed allied airmen

The monument in Lake IJssel is a memorial for the 117 Allied airmen who died in Lake IJssel.

The monument at the Jewish Cemetery

The monument at the Jewish Cemetery in Elburg commemorates the 21 Jews who were deported and murdered by the occupying forces during the Second World War.

The ‘De oversteekplaats Operatie Berlin’ Monument

The ‘De oversteekplaats Operatie Berlin’ monument in Oosterbeek commemorates the evacuation of approximately 2200 soldiers of the British Airborne Division in the night of 25 to 26 September 1944.

The Sarah Monument

The Sarah Monument commemorates the Jewish labour camp that was established at the De Vanenburg Castle in Putten at the beginning of 1942.

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